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A Beeman Education Lasts a Lifetime



Dedicated Educators

We believe that all students are capable of achieving high academic standards. Our curriculum is based on ground-breaking research for Brain Compatible Teaching and Montessori principles.

Established in 1955, Beeman Park Preparatory School's approach is to encourage children to take charge of their learning experience - teaching them to learn and teach. In order to reach their highest possible potential, children must develop a healthy self-image, wholesome attitudes and values, independence, self-reliance, and desirable social skills and habits. Our dedicated staff embraces children with loving support as they form impressions of themselves and the world around them... impressions that last a lifetime.

Beeman Park's philosophy is that each child's academic, emotional and social abilities develop at an individual rate. Will your child miss the September 1st birthdate cutoff to begin Kindergarten, but you think he or she is ready to begin their formal education? Please contact us and we can evaluate your child for early admission.

Beeman News

Beeman Park Preparatory School

2300 Ridge Avenue

Orlando, Fl. 32803

(407) 894 - 5121

First Day of School 8/13/2018
Last Day of School 05/23/2019

Summer Camp

We offer daily and weekly registration.  All activities are included.  Register early as space is limited.

Summer Camp begins    6/3/2019

Summer Camp ends       7/25/2019

Weekly $125

Daily       $30