Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.

---Ron Wild


Established in 1955, Beeman Park Preparatory School is conveniently nestled in the center of all the Parks including Audubon Park, Winter Park, Baldwin Park, and College Park.


The Beeman Park approach to teaching is based on brain compatible methods and Montessori principles. These are the most important years in our children's education as it establishes the foundation of their learning career building the vocabulary and concepts necessary for higher education. As Mrs. Jeanne Smith likes to say "We are making the stock for the soup."

We are not simply teaching them math and science and language arts - we are teaching them a thinking process. Due to our impressively low student-to-teacher ratio we don't just give lectures, assign homework, take tests and move on (because we have to). We can and do develop a lesson until our students "get it". We don't move on to the next lesson and leave our children behind. We make sure that they are progressing and absorbing the curriculum.

Learning is like building a ladder. As teachers and parents if we don't work with our children to construct this ladder the right way, it will get rickety and our children will not be able to go up that ladder with confidence or reach their highest potential. Our dedicated staff embraces children with loving support as they form impressions of themselves and the world around them... impressions that last a lifetime.